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About the Expo

About TSP

Digital textile printing is now gaining more and more attention and recognition from the industry. As a new method of textile printing, it features the characteristics of bright-colored, environmentally friendly, easy to operate and meet the customized needs of users.

According to statistics, Asia and Europe account for a large proportion of the global digital textile printing market. New markets at home and abroad are developing rapidly, while the increasing investment in digital printing technology by manufacturers and professional buyers.

On the other hand, attribute to the advantage of no pollution, small investment, quick effect, high income, simple equipment and technology and its wide application range, screen printing has now become an important part of the printing industry. In order to meet the strong needs of domestic and overseas buyers from Europe, the United States, South America and other countries, SIGN CHINA launched a special exhibition sector for digital textile printing and screen print (TSP) since 2018.

Opening Dates & Hours
Show days Postponed
For visitors: 09:00-17:30(6-7 September)
09:00-17:00(8 September)

Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre ( Longyang Road 2345)

Exhibition Range

Digital Textile Printing Equipment: Digital Textile Printer, Automatic Digital Textile Printer,,Indoor & Outdoor Wide Format Printer, UV Flatbed Printer, Banner Machine, Cold & Hot Mounting Machine, Welding Machine, Laminating Machine

Digital Textile Printing Pre-process & Post-Process Equipment: Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraver, Marking, Embroidery, Laser Cutting, Embossing Equipment, Printing Running Table Dyeing and Finishing Equipment

Support Equipment, Substrates and Supplies: Laser Phototypesetting Equipment, Laminating Machine, UV Laser, Cold Transfer Printing Equipment, Digital Printing Nozzle, Scraper, Photosensitive Materials, Reflective Materials, Glue, Silk-Screen Printing Ink, Water-Based Ink, Silica Gel, Hot Stamping Paper, Hot Stamping Paper, Transfer Printing Paper, Etc.

Screen Print Equipment: Screen Printing Machine, Pad Printing Machine, Hot Stamping Machine, Plane Screen Printing Machine, Automatic Screen-Printing Machine, Heat Transfer Printing Equipment, etc

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